About me

My name is Federico Monegatti and I am a Mountain guide. I live in a small village, on the Pinè plateau, surrounded by the mountain range of Lagorai, in Trentino; Since I was little, woods, small rivers and hiking boots have been following me through my adventures.

By the age of fifth teen, I got acquainted with ski mountaineering and the vertical dimension that mountains offered me. I first experienced activities like climbing either on rock or ice. Even today, as the first time, I get thrilled when I tie the rope in the climbing harness and go on a new adventure, for pleasure or for work.

My work as Mountain guide is unique and special: people, who choose to be accompanied, entrust heart and soul to my hands and my knowledge to reach the dreamed summit or to make their child happy: from this activity grows a wonderful relationship of trust.

If you would like to have the pleasure to bond yourself with my robe for one day in the mountains, don’t hesitate and contact me. Together we can experience something very special!


For more information on the activities offered contact me!

CONTATTI – Federico Monegatti